Team 2035 believes that the most important way to spread STEM and the message of FIRST is to start in our own community by providing inspiration, assistance, and resources to people of all ages on the Central Coast of California. As the 2016 Silicon Valley Regional Chairman's Awardee, The Rockin' Bots take pride in how we have grown enthusiasm for STEM both in our school and throughout the Monterey Peninsula.


Coming from one of the more fortunate public schools on the Monterey Peninsula, Team 2035 has access to many resources that we make sure to share with other high school teams in the area. One way in which we do this is by mentoring new teams, encouraging them to come work in our shop and receive help from our students and mentors. As the first FIRST robotics team on the Monterey Peninsula, The Rockin' Bots have started this love for robotics and helped start other local teams. The Rockin' Bots have mentored 5 local high school teams: Team 4171 (The Bay Bots), Team 4255 (The Robodores), Team 5104 (The Breaker Bots), Team 5171 (Deus Ex Machina), and most recently, Team 6039 (PiRobotics).

In addition, during the 2016 build we teamed up with a local all girls school in order for them to get a sense for the world of FIRST before starting their own team in 2017. The girls worked with us in the shop and learned what building a robot is all about. Team 2035 also plans to help start more teams in future years, such as in the Salinas Valley.

In 2017, the Rockin Bots hosted ___________, a rookie team. Insert info

In 2018, the Rockin Bots hosted ___________, a rookie team. Insert info / picture.

Younger Students

Students from Team 2035 show the machine shop to Carmel River School 5th graders

One of the simplest ways to spread STEM enthusiasm, especially to younger kids, is to demonstrate our robot and its capabilities. We have brought our robots to our district's preschool, elementary schools and middle school, receiving lots of interest and support from the kids. In addition, we have invited students into our shop to show them what we do during the build, from machining to coding. We hope that this will not only grow our future team but get kids excited about STEM at a young age.


Team 2035 has also inspired the growth of an FLL (FIRST Lego League) team at our school district's local middle school. Our goal for 2017 is to mentor this team and take them to their first competition.